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Including DCC ready and DCC Decoder equipped engines and model trains supplies!


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The HO Scale TrainCAM in a Athearn "Ready to Roll" Hi-Cube boxcar!

 ONLY from Gadget Tom's Hobby!

Gadget Tom's GadgetCam box car with wireless video camera   

Here's how it looks on the outside.  One of many Road Names.

To view the various models and road names and/or purchase a GadgetCAM click here!

Note:  There are 3 small peep holes for the camera lens.  
One on the upper portion of the end, and on the lower portion each side.

Follow the Links below for some video clips.  
These may take a little while to down load as they are between 673KB and 1.3MB in size.  
The video quality is not as good as the real thing due to compression for the internet.

Engineer View!     Conductor View!       Hobo View!
968KB                                        1,376KB                                        673KB

This is a fully self-contained color wireless camera in model train HO scale Hi-Cube boxcar.  The Hi-Cube boxcar allows you more flexibility than a camera in an model train engine.  The Hi-Cube gives you a higher viewing vantage point.  You can push the GadgetCAM boxcar ahead of your locomotive giving you the view point of the Engineer.  This is "Engineer View".  You can pull it behind giving you a trailing "Conductor View".  Likewise you can have it mid-train pointing either forward or backwards.  If you place this behind low top cars, flatbeds, gondolas, etc it provides an unique view from the midpoint of your model train.  Even better,  the GadgetCAM exclusive mount allows you to easily turn the camera to the left or right and drop the vantage point down allowing you to view out the side of the boxcar as if you were riding in the car yourself and looking out the door.  That's our "Hobo View"

Gadget Tom's GadgetCAM is a CMOS Color Wireless 1.2GHz camera packed into an Athearn HO scale 40',  Hi-Cube boxcar.  The camera transmits (1.2GHz wireless) to a receiver that can then be connected to a TV, VCR, Video Camera, or computer via a RCA connectors. 

The Camera comes pre-mounted in a "Ready to Roll" HO Scale model train Athearn Hi-Cube 40' boxcar.  This includes  McHenry couplers and metal wheels  The boxcar is pre-assembled and ready to roll, ,just install the 9 volt battery. (included)

Sorry, N scale railroaders, there's no way I can pack all that in an N scale boxcar!   Yet....

The camera focus is adjustable (pre-adjusted for about 2') and is powered by 9 volt battery in the boxcar.  The receiver is powered by a 110VAC power pack. (included)   The boxcar is fully self contained and will operate for approximately 2 hours continuously on a single battery.  (A separate power pack is included to power the Camera off 110VAC in a stationary situation if you like.)

Above is a photo pf the new GadgetCAM in one of several Hi-Cube boxcars road names.

We have two versions of the CMOS Camera Transmitter/Receiver:

Just $149.99

Gadget Tom's GadgetCam indides with wireless video camera

Here's what it looks like on the inside!


6 month Limited Warranty

Gadget Tom Warranties the GadgetCAM for 6 months against defects.  We will repair or replace (at our discretion) any defective part  with in 6 months of original purchase.  Damage due to misuse or mishandling is not covered.  Should the Hi-Cube need to be replaced we can not guarantee availability of the same road name.  Customer will be responsible for shipping and defective item back to Gadget Tom's Hobby for Repair or replacement.   Proof of purchase date may be required.

30 day money back return.  This does not include shipping costs and the GadgetCAM must be returned in "like new" condition with all the packaging.